It’s the overwhelming power of America’s army. We are one of the top military’s in the world.
You should study the wars we’ve been in to learn more about this. You can also go to military websites. Maybe even other military’s to see how we stack up. You should investigate our topic by looking up ‘Nukes‘ on your preferred search engine. You will find a wealth of information.
We made nuclear reactors with the same technology. They use nuclear fission or fusion with Uranium or Plutonium to create an explosion that levels whole cities and burns people to the point where they became nothing but shadows on the wall.

Favorite Band

This is a school assignment. We call it a’Literacy Task.’ It’s to show understanding about a in subject, this time the subject being my favorite band.

My favorite band is Dethklok, a virtual death metal band from the T.V. show Metalocalypse. They have forty three songs over three albums, with a few special songs for deluxe editions of their albums.

In the T.V. show, they are the most influential group of people in the world, being able to do whatever they want and get away with it. They are also one of the worlds leading economies, being above Belgium.

In real life, the band members (Toki Wartooth, Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Nathan Explosion, Pickles the Drummer, and William Murderface) are all voiced by Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha. The actual band that tours around is composed of Brendon Small, Gene Holgan, Mike Keneally, and Bryan Beller.


Questions for Homeostasis/Body Systems

1. How fast do the nerves travel information and is there a time where there is pain it’s just your brain has not reserved that there is pain?

Electrical signals travel almost instantly to where they’re sent, but some signals are slower than others. Pain CAN be blocked out by the brain in extreme cases, such as a high-stress situation where you’ve broken your leg, but need to get away from your current position. The brain will do its best to block pain receptors, so that you can move more freely.

2.  Why do we get goose bumps?

It’s one of the ways the body reacts to cold, as it stimulates hair growth.

3.  What causes your brain to not produce enough of certain chemicals that cause mental diseases?

There are genetic mutations that cause chemical imbalances, or perhaps an environmental factor has effected you. Sometimes, the things you eat or drink can cause chemical imbalances, if you eat or drink them too much.

4. How are hormones produced? Are they produced when certain things happen or just on regular intervals?

Hormones come from glands, such as the thyroid gland, which produces T3 and T4. The thyroid is responsible for controlling how the body reacts to other hormones, how quickly you use energy and how it makes proteins.

5. How does your body make cramps? Why do they hurt so much?

Cramps come from a lack of oxygen and/or salt. If you get a cramp, you should stop doing whatever you’re doing and stretch it out as far as you can, then drink some water. Breathing normally and having good cardio can help you not get cramps. They hurt because the muscle(s) are trying to work with something they don’t have. Basically, your muscles get hungry.

6. Why does your skin tingle when someone you like brushes past?

It tingles because you think the person would be and acceptable mate for you, and the body is preparing to mate with that person whenever they get close. It’s also why we call people we find attractive ‘hot.’

7.  Why do you get depressed sometimes?

A chemical imbalance in the brain has caused you to feel depressed over something. If a family member has died, and you were very close to them, the body makes certain chemicals because you’re sad.

8. Why does your body get hot when you are sick?

The body is making A LOT of white blood cells to fight off the infection, and it’s containing the foreign body in the lymph nodes, so as to ‘quarantine’ the infection as best it can. Doing all of this is hard work, so the body heats up.

9.  Why do we need sleep? Can you live without sleep?

Research has been done on why we need sleep. All that scientists found out was ‘we need to sleep because we get tired.’ And no, you couldn’t live without sleep. That’s why after a few days of doing stuff, the body will just shut down to rest.

10. Why do we twitch? Like, what causes this and why?

A twitch is a reaction to something, obviously. Maybe you’re surprised about something, or you’re nervous about an upcoming test, and your body reacts to that.

11.  Why do you get headaches?

Something has caused your head to sustain damage, or you have a surplus/deficiency of something, causing the head to hurt. You should know what you need; it’s normally water.

12.  Why do some people NOT get fat?

Some people don’t get fat because they have faster metabolisms, so they get rid of the energy faster, especially if they work out along with having a fast metabolism.

13. Why do some girls’ breasts grow bigger than others? Like some 6th graders have larger breasts than me.

It’s genetics, partly. Also, bigger girls have bigger breasts. Normally, anyway. And if they’re around babies or other small children, that would cause them to lactate and get larger breasts.

14. Why aren’t some people’s bodies able to sweat/shiver? Isn’t this damaging to the body since it isn’t maintaining homeostasis?

THey aren’t able to because the body doesn’t know how to. Some people just don’t have sweat glands, so how could they sweat? And yes, it coud be very damaging to the body if they do things in which the body would need to sweat or shiver.

15.  Why do your bones pop?

I assume this means when you pop your knuckles. That because between the joints, there is a little bit of connective tissue; when you crack your knuckles, that pops.

16.  Why do some of our limbs go to sleep?

Lack of blood flow and oxygen means that your body is suffocating. You should stop trying to kill your limbs; it’s bad for you.

17.  How is the sleep cycle affected by health?

If you’re sick, you sleep more; if you’re healthy, you sleep less. If you’re in the middle, like me, you sleep a lot anyway, because we’re lazy.

18.  Why does your face get red when mad or embarrassed?

The blood rushes to the face as a response to the emotion.

19. Why do we laugh when something is funny?

We laugh because it’s funny, of course!

20.  What causes bi-polar mental issues?

Chemical imbalances in the brain cause mood swings. It normally takes a while for the mood swings to happen, but they can happen very quickly.

21. Why do we cry?

We cry to release stress and to show emotion. It also works to remove things from the eye, should something happen to fall in*cougheyelashcough*.

22.  How does your body adapt to different temperatures?

We shiver if it’s cold, and we sweat if it’s hot.

23.  Why do we pass gas?

Gas is a waste product, so we have to get rid of it.

24. Why does our stomach growl?

The stomach growls because the acid in your stomach is reacting to something, producing a growling noise.

25.  What causes cravings?

You have a deficiency of something, and your body is trying to tell you what it needs.

26.  Why are we allergic to certain things?

Sometimes it’s a genetic thing, sometimes the body thinks it’s an invader, so allergic reactions are the body trying to remove the perceived infection.

27.  What causes panic attacks?

Something overwhelmed you, and a panic attack is the body’s response to it.

28.  What causes hiccups?

You swallowed something too fast, or you ate too fast. Hiccups are the boy trying to not die from choking.

29.  Why do some people smell while others do not after doing the same thing?

Bacteria reproduce well in warm and moist areas; the underarms are warm, and if you’ve been working out it’s probably moist. The bacteria reproduce quickly, and what you smell is the bacterias waste. It could also be from a glandular problem.

30. How come, when I stand up after I’ve been sitting for a long time, I lose balance, get dizzy, and can’t see?

The blood has ‘settled down’ in certain places in your body. Whenever you stand up, the blood is rushing back to it’s normal spots, probably toward the feet. The dizziness is caused by the rush of blood away from the brain.

31. Why do we experience the sensation of pain?

It’s the body telling TO NOT DO THAT AGAIN! IT’S BAD FOR YOU! Pain is a defense mechanism for the body.

32. My question is why do my eyes turn red when they are irritated??

They do that because you’re probably tearing up too, and rubbing your eyes. They turn red from blood going to your eyes to try and fix the problem.